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Varjakka, Oulunsalo | English

So, another weekend driving around and taking pictures! Again, I am so pleased to see improvement in my pictures! I can literally count the good ones this time, when the two previous times there has been only a couple of good shots. I am so very happy about this.

This time we were headed to Varjakka, which is a harbour and a beach in Oulunsalo. This is not to be confused to Varjakka, that is located in Lumijoki. How silly is it that there are two of those! Varjakka is also the name of the island lying just in front of the harbour and you can access it during summertime by a hand operated ferry. During the wintertime you can just walk across the ice. On the island of Varjakansaari, there is an old mill, but we were not able to go there as there was some ice still left in the ocean. At some points it was all melted out already. So no ferry, nor walking across was possible.

So we need to go there another time, which is going to be nice!

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