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Youtube: RAGUSA IBLA | Walking around | Chocohouse

Chocohouse Chocolate Factory and B&B in Ragusa Ibla
Chocohouse Chocolate Factory and B&B in Ragusa Ibla

In this boring January ´23 day we decided to take a walk through the enchanting streets of Ragusa Ibla, yet once again. This baroque town became our new home only a month prior, since we were living in Ragusa Centro Storico earlier. So we have been exploring the little paths and roads of Ibla every since.

As fate would have it, an unexpected adventure presented itself when we stumbled upon a captivating sign that proclaimed “Free Chocolate Tasting!” Unable to resist the allure of such a delectable opportunity, we decided to venture forth and unravel the secrets that awaited us.

Enrico from Chocohouse, Ragusa Ibla

So we found ourselves in a quaint little Chocohouse on top of steep Salita della Erbe. The chocolate there is heavenly! Enrico, the chocolatier, was very friendly and talked a lot about his chocolate. We were able to taste all of the flavours and there were many of them. My favourite ones were vanilla, lemon and sea salt! After tasting we bought several chocolate bars for me (!) and walked back to the Ibla main square only to have a little rain coming on top of us.

me at Chocohouse

Trying to avoid getting completely soaked, we rushed back to of our new home. We decided to indulge in another delight that the region was renowned for – pizza. However, this pizza was by Dr Oetker, which by the way is called Cameo here in Italy! However, before engaging in some non-professional pizza-baking, I also washed our sfornatutto, the little electrical oven where just one frozen pizza fits perfectly ❗️

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