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Umbrella Sky in Via Roma of Ragusa

Yay, I saw this installation first in Catania and it looks brilliant! And now the instagram moments are in Ragusa! Well, that is not the main idea of the installation really, although the suspended umbrellas over Via Roma in Ragusa do contribute to very cute pictures.

The habit of decorating streets with colourful umbrellas started in Portugal in 2012 and the installation is called The Umbrella Sky. (Official and original page of the › Umbrella Sky Project at Impactplan page)

Umbrella Sky in Catania

Umbrella Sky has been previously seen in Catania for many years now, and now we can enjoy it also in Ragusa, where it provides shade to people walking under it. Umbrella Sky is culturally inclusive, inspiring human connection through the universal power of colour, as defined by the original inventors. And everyone loves the idea! Or have you seen someone who does not like these?

The Ragusan Umbrella Sky is here to attract more tourists to the historical centre of Ragusa, make it more instagrammable (yes, we love it!) and provide shade and refuge for people in the scorching Sicilian sun.

More importantly, the umbrellas have been installed in relation to “Festacrante in via Roma”. The activities have started in April, and they continue with music, theatre and reading events throughout, until 20 October. Everyone is invited to take part in the › Events in Ragusa.

There are also several installations of umbrellas worldwide. Currently there are umbrella skies in Camden Town London, Fortaleza Street in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Le Village Royal in Paris, Istanbul, Nepal and numerous other cities in the world. Does Finland have these yet? Can we follow suit, please?

This is a wonderful idea!

Exegi monumentum aere perennius. I have made a monument more lasting than bronze.
 Horace, 65-8 BC, Roman poet

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