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Someone gave me 100 fake IG followers

I do not know how to call this kind of social media attack of fake followers. Someone contacted me through Instagram this weekend. He said they thought I deserved more IG followers and he could give them to me without money. I asked what he meant. (I guessed the idea at this point but I just wanted to see what he answered).

He said he was going to show me. “100 IG followers coming to your way”.

I told the person that I was not interested in receiving fake followers. He answered: “Whole world is fake… just illusion”. Yeah, what a cynical way of looking at the world. Although he is probably partly correct. To be honest, after all, some people are fake! In any case, I still did not want fake followers. He kept on insisting and boom, I had received them, without my consent. My follower count had just jumped by 100 followers.

The person disappeared like a fart into Sahara desert immediately when I told him that I would charge him 20€ for making me work extra to remove all these followers.

Why I refused these 100 fake IG followers?

I am a some kind of purist. I do not like having followers who are not interested in what I am doing. Having a high follower count itself, does not mean it is good. Your followers need to engage with your content. That means, they like, share, comment and save your posts. That is post engagement. Fake followers do not do that. Moreover, why would you want fake followers who only have 3-10 posts in their profile and they never post anything else. As a result a bunch of fake followers like that, do not increase the value or attractiveness of your instagram account. On the contrary, the algorithms will see that a certain percentage of your followers are fake and thus IG may may reduce your reach as a punishment.

You should also know, that buying fake followers is forbidden on Instagram.

All these fake follower accounts were established using the same pattern.

fake follower profile
Fake follower Zion
Fake follower Jesse
fake follower profile
Fake follower Blaine
Fake follower Rowan 2
fake follower profile
Fake follower Rowan
Nobody wants 100 fake IG followers

As you can see, they all have the NEW text on their profile image. I do not know the time frame, but these accounts were established very recently. They all have just a first name and I checked the pictures, so all of the pictures were also posted within the past 24 hours. So no, nobody needs this kind of fake followers.

Why would someone give you followers?

The reason is simple. They assume that you get so power-hungry and excited about the follower count boost that you would choose to buy more, say 1000 or maybe even 10 000 new followers with hard cash. Although, the idea may sound lucrative, but you really do not want to engage in that kind of activity. Not only will you risk your account being banned by the platform, but you may also experience a drop In engagement. Really, it is your genuine followers who keep commenting and liking your posts but the new ones are not going to do so. In reality, when you suddenly have 1000 followers more, the ratio of active, engaging followers drops.

It is better to concentrate on getting real followers. And in that light, I think you should follow me › @minnamoira, I can assure you that I am very real.

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