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Koitelinkoski, Kiiminki | English

We went to check out Koitelinkoski rapids on a weekend in the end of April. The place is beautifully built with bridges over the river Kiiminkijoki and islands. There is also a café (open during the summer season), a stage (with a roof) for performing and rest rooms. The stage can be hired for events.

Spring is here!

The ice had not yet melted from the river, when we were there so it was still a little bit chilly. However, I can see, that during the summer Koitelinkoski is an excellent spot for a day trip, picnics and some photography, for example. Go Arctic organises activities in Koitelinkoski, so you may want to check them too if you are heading out there

The pictures you can see of the place online are pretty much about the bridge and buildings, so here you can find my pictures of the place. I am learning photography more and more, and I can already see the development in my skills! Plus It is so much fun!

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