Vlog · 14.01.2024

Youtube: Ragusa Lunch Break, running errands

On this video I am going out on my lunch break (usually around 16.00-18.00 in the afternoon/evening. I work from 12.00 – 21.00, so that explains the weird lunch break hour. We have a hardware store just a couple of hundred meters away from our flat, (maybe not even that) so it is very easy to go there. I am on my way to buy a gas bombola, ie. the gas bottle for our stove. In our apartment, that is the only thing that runs on gas.

We live very close to the Ragusa Ibla Duomo Di San Georgio, so there is Trenino Barocco Ragusa Ibla running around our neighbourhood. The train costs 5 euros, you should take the ride. We did it as well!

The temperature on this July day was 39 degrees celsius. The hardware store is L’Ultimo Bazar in Ragusa Ibla. The owner is really nice, and when ever we need something, I try to check his selection first, just to support the local.

Prices of bombola

Time of PurchasePrice
I cannot remember, medium size38 €
July 2023, medium size29 €
January 2024, medium size31 €
Bombola prizes 2023-2024

What do you think of the prizes? I am sorry I cannot remember the first bombola we bought. When we moved here in 2 December 2022, the landlord bought us a small one to get started. So we bought our first one sometime in early 2023.

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