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I dropped my pen

There is a meme about dropping your pen. If you drop your pen, it results to your death. Yea, it goes like this:

Lost your pen = no pen
No pen = no notes
No notes = no study
No study = fail
Fail = no diploma
No diploma = no work
No work = no money
No money = no food
No food = skinny
Skinny = ugly
Ugly = no love
No love = no marriage
No Marriage = no children
No children = alone
Alone = depression
Depression = sickness
Sickness = death
Lesson: Don´t lose your pen, you will die.

So, I have dropped my pen. However I did not die. Sorry, that´s a morbid joke. Anyways, a lot has happened during this year. I dated a lot in the beginning of the year and met a lot of lovely and not so lovely guys. Then I met *him*. He is now my now boyfriend and fiancé and since a few weeks we are also living together. You only need that special one. He is perfect <3.

I got a job and lost the job. Then I moved. And now I have a shelf full of shoes. You should show them, if you have them, right? My cousin came for a visit, and we tested Mexican food at the Coyoacan, which I can highly recommend.


Lady has some shoes
Bike rides
Comida mexicana
Red wine

We did a few bike tours around Oulu and spend a few evenings on the balcony drinking wine. Life is good!


Then mom came for a visit and we went kayaking! Her first ever and my first time since …. I think like 20 years? She enjoyed it a lot and so did I.

I bought my first plant too, since … I was 25. All my plants have died since I have this eclectic hobby of moving around. I have now moved 51 times. Seriously, this is not a joke! The plant was one of the most common houseplants in Finland, “spiderwort” or Tradescantia species of plants.

However, I have managed to kill this plant too. I have this huge pain inside me coming from the realisation that I must not be a good human being since I kill my plants. The dog is alive, thank god! Consequently, my mother gave me more seedlings, so here´s hoping they´ll grow… (crossing fingers here).

Tealovers stack up on tea for the winter. I have …. like 11 packs of tea. Or more. But hey, who’s counting?

For years I have suffered from scoliosis and shoulder pains. Hence I have been watching chiropractic videos from Youtube. I definitely suggest you check them out. My top three chiropractic channels are in my preferred order:

  • Dr Rahim Gonstead Chiropractic
  • Dr Joe “BackCrack” Cipriano
  • Mondragon Chiropractic

Dr Joe uses a massage gun on his patients and it looks marvelous! That is why I have been wondering for some time, whether you even get them in Finland. Oh, what a joy it was when I unexpectedly saw them being sold here in Prisma in Oulu a month ago! Naturally I had to get one! And it is sooooo goooooood!


I realised my little girl is getting very old. She will be 11 in October.

Going back to letterwriting. I wrote 11 letters in August. Phew! I sent them too. I have really missed writing and to be honest, most of my penpals no longer even expect to hear from me, it has just been too many years. But with some of them I have contact with online and I try to send a letter every now and then… like once a year. Lol. No sorry, it´s more like once in three years. I am hoping I can improve my pace.


Come September and the best thing so far! After meeting *him* the best thing of course is *him* moving together with me! We have only spent a few days apart after the move and we already miss eachother while the other (it´s been me) is away. Awww. How cute!

hollihaassa Oulussa

Freelancingwise, I am trying to get more customers. My own customers. There is another large project looming, when approaching 2021, but now it is only on planning stage.

You can go to my portfolio through this link.

Since February… Or was it January, I started braiding my hair with the intention to growing it into dreadlocks. Yes, it´s now my 4th time getting dreadlocks, but it seems to be the only way to maintain a large volume of hair. My own hair is very thin, silk-like, and so flat. And it gets greasy very easily. I hate it. This picture shows where I am now with my hair. I just love it!

White gold with a diamond

So on 17 September we got engaged. I have never had any jewellery with authenticity certificate. He says I deserve it.

I know I do! I do! But its hard to accept at times. But hey, I am a fucking catch! I am now officially taken and I love it. We have many plans for the future!

I have been accepted to be a candidate for the Green League for the April 2021 municipal elections. I was already interviewed in June, but as they did not have a possibility have a meeting where they approve candidates it took until the beginning of September. But now it is official, I am an official candidate for the Green League Oulu Green Women (Oulun Seudun Vihreät Naiset ry). Green League also has an association for the English speaking, so if you feel politics are appealing to you, you should check out Green Sisu.

The rest of the year

I can´t wait to see how this turns out.

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