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For some time now I have been concerned about Facebook, Google ie. services tapping to our personal details. I think we should ourselves, be able to decide what we share online, and to our service providers. Unfortunately, very often it is impossible, as big companies evade questions about how they use our data.

So heres a list of things and services I have found useful or fun. Maybe you will too. My aim is to go Google-free and I am also weighing the possibility to quit Facebook. I think that is going to be the toughest one. I will let you know what happens with that!

  • offers royalty free music for your videos and projects. Please read the terms, you are not to remix and you need to credit the author. But its easy and straightforward, so enjoy Bensound!
  • is for free stock and royalty free photos. Most can be used commercially too and without credits. If you are a photographer, please donate some of your shots for the general good!
  • is free and secure email for everybody. They also use green energy and are based in Germany. I am a paid member, and so should you be!
  • Mega.zn offers up to 50GB free storage space in the Cloud. | To add me as a friend, to share files and chat/call with me use this:!ys0nFYzL | For an invite, email me mm @ so I will invite you and they will offer me extra space!

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