Blog / Vlog · 05.01.2023

Youtube: Packing down the apartment and feeling overwhelmed

It was not planned and it was not wanted. I am talking about the moving to Italy. But we had to. And it was shit. Everything was chaotic. We were given 30 days to leave, but we had to give up the flat, that we had a 12-month fixed-term-contract with. We left 2 March 2022 and I was still fighting with SATO about the breach of contract penalty fee in June 2022. Getting refused a residence permit is not a valid reason to breach your rental contract with SATO in Finland.

Moving to Italy against our will

Here we are now, one year later. It has been a rollercoaster ride. Everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong and I cannot even talk about most of it at the moment, since they are pretty private issues.

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