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Recap Youtube vlog, the beginning of 2020

It seems I am repeating myself since last year, recaps recaps recaps. But here goes.

I uploaded a new Youtube video you can go and check it from the end of this article, if you already didn’t check it out. I got some compliments of the background, we recently got a Chromecast and I have been enjoying our photographs on the screen since.

It’s been a wild ride for the first 6 months of the year again, but that’s nothing strange for me. As it is ADHD awareness month this month, I mentioned ADHD in the video. It’s not a thing that I need to bring forward in my life, but it is a part of me, the same way that my love of Star Trek affects some of my life choices. (Really, it does!)

And honestly, people are amazed by the amount of moves that I have behind me. It is 51 or 52th move that I did in July, when I moved to the city centre, and, Lord Nelson (my boyfriend, lets call him that) moved together with me just right after.

To explain the lack of Youtube presence: I can only say that it seems to be a trend with everyone who starts vlogging. As far as I have observed. They start it first. Then they think if that is indeed what they want to do. And after a while they realize, yeah, I want to do it. Then happy times begin!

I think that is what happened with me. In addition to the previous, of course all the reasons that I explained in the video already. The major fact remains that the past years I have been struggling with what I really want to blog about and what I am “expected to blog about”. The same applies to my Youtube channel now. Its only about the courage of jumping into the deep end and in addition to that, not wanting to get harassment online. But I guess that’s the path you take if you need to. It’s not my fault people are idiots and harass other people online, right?

I am really not feeling as ethereal at the moment, as you might think from the vlog. I have no idea how I made it look like that calm! It was a challenge for me to start recording it, and to be honest, I sat on the floor, in front of my camera for 30 minutes before I started recording it. I filmed the beginning 4 times until I was satisfied. And yet, I still managed to make it look like an outer body (outer brain) exprience. LOL.

Take care, talk to you later!

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