English / Vlog · 09.12.2020

My Christmas Calendar -50% discount style

I have taken upon myself to make daily vlogs about my discount Maybelline Christmas Calendar. Yes, I bought it on discount, and it is a year 2019 “model”. That’s how I roll. I only buy stuff on discount.

So I know you can find the whole calendar unboxed somewhere in Youtube, but maybe you are a slow poke like me and you want to enjoy these moments with me. I am also adding some clips of my dog, and try to make it fun to watch anyway. One of my reasons doing daily vlogs is also to try if I can actually manage making daily vlogs. Editing still takes a while, even if they are just 2-3 minutes long.

On my Christmas Calendar vlogs I am also mentioning some of my passions and ADD and I am trying to sort out my thoughts about where to go with my channel. Please let me know if you have any ideas for topics, but I can promise my hair vlog is coming, if not in December, then in January 2021 latest! Sorry for the delay, its a little bit challenging to make a daily vlog, but it’s great to see where my limits are! Please feel free to suggest topics I should talk about. Also you will be meeting my dog Seska in the vlogs too. She is my 11-year-old German Shepher mix.

I am also curious to find out if there is a Star Trek calendar out there. Have you ever heard of one? Please let me know as you might know, I am a huge fan of Star Trek!

Christmas Calendar playlist on my Youtube channel: minnamoira


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