English / Finland · 16.03.2019

Kemi Snow Castle

We went to see Kemi Snow Castle today. We didn’t pay the entrance fee to the Experience 365 (EUR20) as we thought it was a little pricey. However, we checked the grounds and enjoyed the great white sea and snow. We also took some pictures, of course!

The ice castle itself looks pretty modest on the outside, so we didn’t even thought of taking pictures of it. Silly of us! However it is very impressive to think about the labour hours they have spent on building the castle. All the ice is made of seawater and it is slightly yellowish in colour.

There is a point along the shoreline, in front of the lovely Snow Castle Villas, where you can take a picture of yourself. The sign there says “You are now standing on frozen Gulf of Bothnia”. Very nice idea!

We also checked out the Spark – audiovisual dome, which was located in the far end of the left from the villas. We got an intimate introductory experience for just the two of us by the dome guide. The dome offers some great acoustics for performances! They hold concerts (they have a grand piano inside the dome) and speeches and meetings are held inside. Let me tell you, the acoustics are simply amazing! When the guide was speaking his back towards us but facing the dome wall, you could actually hear his voice on the opposite side. His voice sounded like its coming right from behind your back! Simply wondrous!

You should try this out, if you have a chance!

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