English / Vlog · 22.10.2020


Two days ago I uploaded a new 40PLUS woman testing Youtube-video! I took a plunge and introduced my boyfriend on the video. I am getting jitters about it, because of course I do not want any racist comments and hatemail. Trolls are easy to handle, no problem, but it gets really boring after a while.

The video is about our new DJI Osmo Action camera. Personally, of course, I am very satisfied with the purchase, however I still need to find a routine on how to use it. I have bought a lot of additional parts and cases. My problem is that I do not want the standard black carry case, but there does not seem to be anything else available! So I found an orange one, that’ll be an interesting acquaintance, when it´ll arrive. Fingers crossed it’s good!

Recently I realised that not too far in the future I am going to be calling these videos 45PLUS woman testing… Yikes.

Fiat Lux.

Let there be light

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