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New stories

I tried out Google Stories. This is my very first one. I still don’t understand it how it works but hey, life is about testing what works and what does not.

40PLUS woman testing DJI Osmo Action


Two days ago I uploaded a new 40PLUS woman testing Youtube-video! I took a plunge and introduced my boyfriend on the video. I am getting jitters about it, because of course I do not want any racist comments and hatemail. Trolls are easy to handle, no problem, but it gets really boring after a while. […]

Recap Youtube vlog, the beginning of 2020

It seems I am repeating myself since last year, recaps recaps recaps. But here goes. I uploaded a new Youtube video you can go and check it from the end of this article, if you already didn’t check it out. I got some compliments of the background, we recently got a Chromecast and I have […]

I dropped my pen

There is a meme about dropping your pen. If you drop your pen, it results to your death. Yea, it goes like this:

Where is the love?

Creating a genuine relationship is a skill. And then, not so much. A relationship must be desired, built and spoken of with determination. What, where, why and when? And how? Why now? Why not in the past? How do we get traumatised people back on the horse if those people are not open enough or […]