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Stressfull afterthought

When I was editing the last Youtube-video, Ragusa Centro Storico Walking (again), I just saw it. My stress. The stress that I have been experiencing the past year, is so clearly visible on my face.

Gorgeous views over Ragusa Ibla in Sicily, Italia
Gorgeous views over Ragusa Ibla in Sicily, Italia

I haven’t slept for more than 5 hours a night for weeks and months, and you can see it. In addition, during the summer, it has been difficult with the heat. Me, as a November child, I LOVE, absolutely LOVE the cold. That is when I am alive! And now I am somewhere, where the temperature is not agreeing with my body, and my body is craving for the cold air to breathe. I am a winter baby.

Imagine this. I am in Sicily and I am far away from the sea! The nearest beach is in Marina Di Ragusa, and it is 25 kilometers to go there.

There is a lake somewhere near the mountain here, but we do not have a car and we have not been able to go there (read: too lazy and too depressed) by bike yet.

The lack of water is making me upset.

Imagine living on an island of the size of Kainuu, and not having water around you!

We are on a mountain top. The elevation in our mountain apartment is 240 meters above the sea level. In comparison, the highest point of Oulu, is around 135 meters. I come from a flat country.

When we were in Oulu, we lived by Torinranta, just 100 meters from the Market Square and Kiikelinranta. That was a dream. Consequently, I never went to swim there, but walked in the vicinity daily. Nothing beats the sea air. No matter if it is smaller bay, or a river leading to the sea, but the sea is there and it is a distinct smell. And the air is marvellous.

Despite of the lack of sea, the mountain breeze here is my kind of thing. Today it was “only” 7 degrees, but it was a perfect weather to walk outside. Stomped up on a little alley, run out of breath just appropriately, and then continued hopping downhill. Everywhere is a hill in Ragusa, but I have found a small walking tour on the edges of the mountain, about 2000 steps and it is all flat. Well, as flat as it can be. Which is actually not flat in comparison, when thinking about Finland.

Gotta keep hopping forward and leave the stress behind.

Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista, Ragusa, Sicily
Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista, Ragusa, Sicily

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