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Public transport in Ragusa

we wave the Italian flag for public transport

Public transport aka transportation in and out, and inside Ragusa (RG), Sicily.

Edited 27 July 2022

Public transport in Ragusa region
Free municipal consortium of Ragusa

I have been trying to solve this puzzle of public transportation in Ragusa, Sicily. The difficulty is that you need to collect information from different sources. Apparently it is the same in the whole country of Italy. Except in Milan, where everything was running very smoothly!

However, in Ragusa, not even Google maps knows about the local public transportation. So what can you do? At least let me get you going with this information.

AST in Ragusa

Azienda Siciliana Transport S. p. A, or AST, is the company that takes you to outside Ragusa and carries you also locally, They have an app AST Biglietteria that you can use to buy tickets for the buses. Get it from Google Play | Apple App Store.
See below for other ways to buy tickets.

Their website is hideous, some links are broken, and just by looking the site you would think they are not operating anymore, but they are. It takes time to find what you are looking for, though, even if your Italian is good. The site is not up to date but they update the news on the front page.

Map of regional and local AST transportation buss routes

Click the arrow on the left upper corner to open the buss routes. The map includes buss routes in and out of Ragusa. I will also collect all the local buss lines in here.

How to buy a ticket for regional transportation (AST) in Ragusa:

  • You can go to the website AST
  • Through the abovementioned application
  • In the buss (I have never tried it, but I suggest you take the exact amount in cash)
  • Tre Passi Avanti, Via Ama 26, Ragusa, next to the buss station. (if this is incorrect, please send me a message/comment on the comments section and I will remove or change it)

(AST lists vendors on their website but the file is from 2010)

For local in-town public transportation routes see: and check the Moovit app. I promise I will work this through as soon I as I can.

we wave the Sicilian flag for public transport
Sicilian flag

BIT Mobility eScooter

There are scooters in Ragusa. Get the app from Google Play | Apple App Store. The are covers Ibla, Centro Storico and the main shopping areas.

It took me a while to find this, I was already fretting on the lack of public transport in Ragusa after having been there for a whole month. Then I walked down Via Roma and saw the blue beasts parked there, could it be? Yes, it could!

On the BIT Mobility map you can see different zones. I suggest you study them carefully as you are not allowed to park in certain areas, one being the pedestrian walkway of Via Roma (Centro Storico) and Ibla around Duomo. However you can park outside the Ibla central zone, as marked on the map. And whatever you do, just drive carefully!

Moovit app

There is an app called Moovit. Get it from Google Play | Apple App Store.

I have experienced a few hiccups with the app, but once I made sure I have a stable mobile data plan things got a lot smoother. Moovit navigates pretty much the same way Google Maps does. You can add favourites and get directions to where-ever you want to go. What I like the most though, is that you can see the entire route of a specific line and the next scheduled transport leaving from that particular stop. I only wish the website would be working too, as sometimes you want too study the whole line very throughly and for that, the small screen of a mobile phone (no matter how large your phone screen is) is still little bit too small.

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