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Back to dating?

I realized I need to start writing in English too since I have established the English side to this blog. So, hiyah to all of you who read this.

I am not still sure as of to whom I am addressing the posts – to my penpals, to some random people out there or should I concentrate on explaining all things Finnish here. Who knows. I dont! Whooaah, my English seems very groggy, it´s been a while since I typed (I have been handwritting my stuff in English for ages, but yeah, it´s different! Definitely!) anything in English. My fingers don´t yet find the correct key strokes, although I touch type.

Rambling, aren´t I? So, to keep it brief. What´s new to my life?

I have been journaling. I love it. You can find some pictures and posts on the Finnish side of the blog, and some printouts as well, some of them should be understandable even if you don´t speak Finnish.

I also bought a Happy Planner from my friend, she also included all her stickers, and I only paid 20€. WOW. That was an amazing purchase and I can definitely see the fascination with the Happy Planner. For a beginner its a perfect solution to start journaling as the pages are divided into err. modules, or boxes and all the stickers that you can get for it fit those boxes. So its only up to you to find out the correct colour theme and plan away. However, having now gotten acquainted with travel journals and bullet journals and as I am a keen diary writer, I find myself fantasizing about a combined travel/bullet-journal with diary pages here and there. So, my next one might be something like that.

So … Oops. I ended up writing more than I wanted. So tadaa, good night for now! xo

PS. Yeah, I am back to dating.

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