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I think I have postponed and postponed my writing enough, the past weeks. Err, months! When you fall of the wagon, it´s sometimes very difficult to get back on it. And I wanted my life to stabilise again a little bit, before continuing. 

I came back to North-Karelia in the beginning of March, and now I am back to Kajaani (Kainuu). So I have moved like … 7 or 8 times since December 2016. It is not fun. It is stressfull and requires a lot of money.

So why have I moved this many times, you might ask? Well, when life keeps throwing things at you, the best thing you can do is to keep ducking. 

I spent 4 months in Lapland. It was absolutely lovely, the winter frost, it might go down to -32 C there and I abso-fucking-lutely loved it! Winter and frost are my thing! But I was gravely disappointed with the work (not the tasks itself). There is only a certain amount of shouting, hate-comments and shit you can take. So I left. I have zero tolerance for people shouting at me.

Currently I am working in Kajaani, my contract is to the end of the year. I already have plans ahead of that, but I will tell you about them a little bit later. 

Right at the moment I am having the flu. Yeah, I am expert in being sick while it is 24 celcius outside and the sun is shining from the cloud-free sky. Yeah, hence my love for the winter! I have not stepped outside the flat for 5 days and I am dying in here. I have partially lost my voice and the dog hasn´t been getting her walkies during that time. 

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