The Man

I was going to write something completely different, but then I looked on my right and there he sits and works on his pictures. The guy who just walked in and stayed.

So many times in my life, that is it me, or is it the world around me that is crooked? Sometimes I talk to someone, and the response is completely the opposite, than I would have expected. It’s like I am talking about the fine sand and their response is about the Rocky Mountains. The difference is so huge. So I am wondering, is it me that is off from this world, or is the world off from me?

So there he sits now. The pebble, that can bring out the best and the worst out of me. But he understands the things in between the fine sand and the Rocky Mountains. He is cute as a pie and fierce as a thunderstorm. And when he speaks, I fall in to quietness. Well, a lot of times. More than usual. Haha, me, I am never completely quiet.

So he gives me perspective. Just today he told me, no Minna, its not you, its the life around you. You should just tell them to fuck off. Well, of course life is not as simple as that, it is a little more complicated. But I like his attitude. I should learn to brush things off and move along. It’s like the saying of the dog:

If a you can’t eat it, or sniff it, piss on it and walk away”.

Sometimes I let my thoughts rule my life. I should stop. Yes, he told me that too.

Anyway. What I was going to say, was that I think I finally have someone in my life who gets me. More than anyone else. He is my kind of crazy. He is creative, and I love his creativity. After a long while, there is someone who truly inspires me. It is so fascinating and somehow… like a room full of cotton candy and you just want to immerse yourself into it.

So, I have gotten into hip hop, quite some time ago already. Yikes, me, an ex gothic girl, and since I don’t know the genre, I am constantly finding some new stuff. I am not telling you about Kanye West just yet, but let me introduce you to this duo that is not very famous yet.

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